Friday, January 16, 2009

Its Hot !!

Well not really, but if you think back, last week I was writing this blog when the outside temperature was -55 degrees F. Right now it is 44 degrees F on the river. That is a 99 degree change. Look at it this way, for you in the lower 48 that received our cold air, by the way thank you for taking it, if you were at 0 degrees F now the temperature would have to go to 99 degrees F to equal our rise in a week.

My son is a weather man and sent me an image of what is happening , this is what he says

"You are under the ridge now with the warmer air; we are under the trough. Don't worry, we found your cold air and will be returning it to you soon

It wouldn’t surprise me to see people walking around in shorts and T shirts with the amount of warmth we have now, compared to last week. People have started coming out of their houses and getting on the river with their snow machines, dog sleds, etc.

One interesting fact that I found different when we moved here, is that the kids go to school no matter what the temperature. With exception of during the winter. If the temperature gets above freezing, then they may delay school. So when it gets warm school may be delayed. Reason, when the snow melts during the day water gets on the roadways. Then if it freezes at night, it makes the road ways very dangerous, so school will not start until it is safe to travel.

Some more of my gardening techniques follows. I said last week I started out with the greenhouse and the dirt I brought in to plant a raised bed. Well I have 2 ½ acres so I decided to make use more of the land. The picture to the right shows what the area down by the river looks like after I mowed the weeds down.

My concern was the amount of dirt and manure I would have to bring in to have a proper garden. Remember most of the area around here is rather gravely. After I fretted for some time and a friend brought a load of horse manure, it dawned on me I don’t have a concern. The first summer here that piece of land down there flooded, and that has been going on for hundreds of years. Therefore I had river bottom land!!

So I got the tiller out, and sure enough it was some of the best dirt I have seen here in Alaska. So the first summer I planted potatoes, lots. And cabbages, beans, cauliflower, beets, etc. Put a fence up to keep the moose out and I was in business.

Well summer progressed and all was going well. Then one evening the wife sent me to the garden to get some cauliflower. I went down there and no cauliflower, no cabbages. I couldn’t figure out what happened, it couldn’t have been a moose cause I had a fence.

A week later, while I was on the porch, I saw a moose in my garden. We chased her out and she just sort of stepped over the fence. Obviously the fence wasn’t high enough so we contemplated putting in an electric fence. But I found a sensor that emitted a dog bark if movement is detected. Last summer we used that, and it worked. Course I didn’t have much of a garden because of the flood.

Here are some pictures of produce from our garden


That’s all for this week. Oh with the warm tem

ps we got the wife’s snow machine broke free and mine is next. See ya all on the river!