Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Move

We left North Pole, AK on the first week of June. Traveling to our new location of Reno, NV. Our plans called for us to travel the Alkan highway, Which were changed by the RCMP in Taylor, BC .

But first we traveled to Tok, AK and spent the night at Fast Eddie's. Now if you are travelling through Tok, AK stop at Fast Eddie's for a good meal. Got up the next morning and off we went to Canada. Got the usual welcome at the border, but at least this time we weren't subjected to a cavity search like we were the last time we went into Canada.

Here are some pictures we took along the AlCan

We were determined to take the AlCan Highway, as far as we could before turning south to the US. We did not want to have to take the Cassiar Highway which we took the yeaar before to Reno. What a trip. If I can describe the road, it is a gravel, mud road, broken up periodiclly by pavement.

Just before we got to Taylor, BC we saw the turn off to the Cassiar Highway but continued down the AlCan. When we got to the other side of Taylor, BC, the RCMP stopped us and made us turn around becasue they had closed down the AlCan due to forest fires. Our choice was to stay in Taylor, for an undetermined amount of time, or, we retrace our steps, and go back and take the Cassiar.

We decided to take the Cassiar. It really wasn't that bad this time around mainly because it was somewhat dry. But when we got to the US - Canada border, the custom officer wanted to know what war we had gone through. See picture of U-Haul

We traveled from Washington state to California. What surprised me is California is still maintaing the vegetable and fruit inspection. If you haven't been to California, the state has inspection stations as you enter California you need to stop and be inspected to ensure you aren't bringing in fruits or vegetables contaminated with bad insects that could be detremental to the crops of California.

The condo we were buying in Reno fell through. Apparently the title company found a litigation going on for over 25 million dollars. That would have cost us 75,000 dollars if the condo coompany lost. So we regroouped and found another place for all us old folk over 55. ( I asked the real estate agent if I got rid of the wife and married a bimbo about 25 could I still live here. She said yes, only one person needs to be over 55. )
This is a picture of the wife.

The place we live is a 1700 square foot home west of Reno and is about 5 miles from the California border. this is a view from our backyard, we are about 5500 feet up. The community has a nice club house. Here is a link to our community. traded moose for cotten tail, Quail and coyote ( they are very active at night)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Compare and Contrast

My wife and I have been in this Extended Stay Hotel ( ad says full kitchen, don't believe it),for over a month now. We are still married. We are waiting for our house to close, hopefully this month. I don't have the cable to connect to my computer to put pictures in and place on the blog, so I decided to do one on comparison of Interior Alaska to Reno, NV

1. They said our condo had a mountain view, I would classify them as hills
2. The county Washoe has about 200,000 less population than the whole state of Alaska.
3. We saw a cotton tail rabbit the other day as compared to Moose.
4. Got a Heineken for $1.25 the other day as compare to $4.50 in Fairbanks.
5. Get more wind here than in Fairbanks
6. Humidity is about 10%
7. If you gamble at the bar, you get your beer free.
8. Won a radio I can put in the shower for getting 4 sixes on video poker
9. Got lunch free yesterday and free beer after getting 4 aces on video poker
10. Groceries are cheap
11. Reno is very clean and well maintained
12. Was looking forward to seeing the 4th of July fireworks at night for the first time in over 6 years. City of Reno canceled them due to budgetary restraints
13. Our license plates are expired but don't have a palce to call home so sneaking around town to evade police.
14. They were talking about unemployed numbers on Fox news, saying there are hundreds of thousands of unemployed, and not looking for work and no place to live. Hey that's me.
15. Play texas holdum once a week
16. Wife won't let me go to the Bunny Ranch

More later