Friday, February 27, 2009

My Week


This is a short one on my week here in North Pole. Last Saturday we did about a 64 mile snow machine trip to a moose camp on the Tanana River. We went down the Chena River to the Badger Den and then along the dike that keeps the Tanana River out of Fairbanks. Then we left the dike where the Chena River flows into the Tanana then south. Great trip with all that fresh snow.

Sunday me and the misses took a ride to Cantwell, which is just south of Denali,along the Parks Highway, and had lunch there. While we were eating, we noticed a barber chair across from us complete with sink. I asked the owner jokingly when do they cut hair. He said every other Sunday and he was serious. As we talked further, found out his last name was Chase, same as mine. My aunt said he was a shirt tail cousin.

Any ho, found out that he looks forward to the Sunday hair cutting event because it is the only day off he gets. He said labor supply is very short handed, and that includes year round work. Now if you all want to inquire,Email Jim and I will send you the particulars. One thing you would need to ask is where would I live.

So we left Cantwell and came home. Interesting observation is we did 65miles per hour, 104.6 kilometers for my foreign readers, through Denali. Now for those who have not been here, there is a bunch of hotels at the entrance to Denali Park and it is like a small town. In the winter it is completely shut down, even the stop lights are turned off and covered. I didn't see a speed limit nor did I see one person. Reminded me of the movie The Shining. Heres Johnny.

Wednesday we took a drive to Glennallen, which is about 250 miles south of here along the Richardson highway. Beautiful drive through the mountains. Here are two pictures of the many I took. Plan on putting some on cups, dishes, shirts and selling them.

Forgot on Tuesday the Yukon Quest leader came into Fairbanks to complete the toughest dog sled race in the world. Got a video of one team going by our house on Tuesday. Will post the video this afternoon. The video shows the musher riding the sled. Don't let that fool you. You have to be a real athlete to be in the Quest. Most of the time they are running beside the sled.

Well that's it for this week. Thanks to all who voted in what they thought of the Obama stimulus plan. I sent the results to CNN but they ignored it. They say 75% of Americans approve of the plan. Mine said 85% who read this blog disagree with it. Hmmmm! I really don't watch CNN, I prefer FOX for unbiased reporting!!! I just wanted to see what they would do with it. They lived up to my expectations!!!

I also opened my on line perfume store at I would like any feed back you have. Email Jim